Breathe to your own rhythm

Welcome to Bournemouth University’s (BU) Brythm research page. Brythm is an app-based breathing training method developed by researchers in BU’s Faculty of Health & Social Sciences.

We believe that Brythm’s simple daily breathing exercise may lower blood pressure and we’d like your help to test our theory.

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How do I get the Brythm App?

Brythm is currently at clinical trial stage and not available to the wider public. If you have already enrolled in one of our studies and received your confirmation email then simply follow the instructions to download the Brythm app.

You can also register here if you are interested in taking part in one of our trials.

How do I use the Brythm breathing method?

The Brythm breathing method has been developed into a convenient smartphone App; you just breathe in time with Brythm.

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Track your progress with our unique Brythm score

Brythm monitors your responses during every training session, displaying a Brythm score when you complete the session. Brythm’s progress tracker allows you to review improvements.

How long is a Brythm training session?

Just 10 minutes each day.

How long does a research study last?

It depends upon which study you have been invited to join, but a typical Brythm training study lasts two to six months. Other studies might only require a single visit to our laboratory.

What are the benefits of taking part in the research?

You get access to a new treatment before anyone else.


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